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Thames Health Osteopathy | Testimonials
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What our clients say

“Alistair has been my osteopath for more than thirteen years. I see him on a fairly regular basis due to a weak back caused by horse riding wear and tear throughout my childhood. I have also periodically had more serious problems for which I have immediately sought his help.

Alistair is not only completely professional at all times, he has a healing gift and care for the holistic welfare of all his patients. Always starting osteopathic treatment with a deep tissue massage and fully understanding pain thresholds and anxieties of his patients, I can honestly say he has never hurt me nor any of the many friends and family who also see him. Not only that but he takes great care in diagnosing the problem and then proceeds with treatment gently,  and informing you of what he’s doing throughout.

I have total trust in him.

More recently, I have been seeing Alistair on his Back2Primal 1-2-1 coaching for a very long standing problem with dental pain which has truly blighted my life and for which I have sought endless remedies. All I can say is that this, although ongoing, has already brought me such relief that I only wish Alistair had been doing this many years ago.

Of course, it is up to Alistair to explain his treatment to each individual but he covers a very wide range of problems both physical and mental. Whilst his work with athletes etc is not within my need, I have absolutely no doubt that his gifts work equally as well in these areas.

He is knowledgeable, informative, gentle and kind and I am most grateful for all the hard work he has done so that I can come to him whenever I’m in need.”

Jackie Waterfall


“As a long distance runner I spent a fortune on massage and physiotherapy to no avail. Thankfully I found Alistair who fixed me up in just two sessions. Nothing short of miraculous. I highly recommend his services. A gifted professional who is truly happy to help. Don’t go anywhere else for you Osteopathy needs!”

Dr Roberto Trotta


“I have seen Alistair for about fifteen years now. On and off. He is my go to man for any issue when my body is not 100% /not working in some way which usually happens when I have done too much in the garden and pulled a muscle, when I have fallen off my horse, when I have just been sitting awkwardly in my office chair, or when I have wrenched a shoulder diving into the sea. I trust him implicitly because he usually puts his finger on ‘the problem’ in the first ten seconds of my appointment. Because of Alistair, I am in the best state of repair I can be, and I have recommended him to many people. He is so in demand he doesn’t need the work. So he will only see you when he needs to. And no more.”

Tessa Gooding Comms Director of the IPA


“Being a Midwife and busy mum I have had intermittent back and neck problems over the past 12 years. I was recommended to Alistair and I am so glad I was. When all my GP could offer was pain relief medication Alistair has given me first class individualised, holistic care and treatments. I have walked doubled over in pain to appointments with Alistair and walked out feeling 100% better, this has always been maintained after a follow up appointment or 2. I could not speak more highly of Alistair and the professional care and support he has given me. This includes seeing me the day before my wedding when I was in absolute agony and unable to walk due to back pain. The next day I walked down the aisle and spent my wedding day pain free, this I will always be so grateful for. I just want to say a heart felt thank you for all the times you have come to my rescue over the years. If you are looking for a highly competent, knowledgeable, respectful osteopath who listens and understands your individual needs please look no further.”

Lianne J


“I first started seeing Alistair back in 2009/10 after an horrific glute tear which also put my lower back into spasm, the pain was unbearable. I can’t remember how many sessions it took but it was definitely a lot less then I was expecting to get me back on my feet and pain free again… because of the abuse and misuse I put my body though competing in sports in my younger years I have experienced many injuries form impact, muscular imbalance and bad posture, Alistair not only treats the injury but gives the best advice to help you going forward. Alistair’s influence has also made me look at my own training and exercise methods which has set me on the path to corrective exercise which i am still working on today. His expertise and knowledge has been a great help to me personally and professionally as an exercise therapist for the NHS.
I wish him and his young family all the best as he expands and grows as an holistic healthcare professional.”

Gareth Price


“Just a note to say a big thank you for helping to cure the severe shoulder/back pain I have been suffering with. I can honestly say I have not had any pain since I came to see you. I will certainly be recommending you to all my friends and family in the future.”

Thanks once again. Best Regards

Dennis Church


I am an 18st ex scaffolder with lots of back issues and have always found Alistair to be professional and honest as well as being the only osteopath who has ever made a difference even after just one session. Compared to other osteopaths I have been to in the past with Alistair I always get an amazing result and cannot highly recommend him enough.

Noel W